Package Programs

Vaya Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism Ecopark

When the Nature Responds You with a Smile… Discover! Enjoy! Learn! Return!

At Vaya Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism, you will find genuine eco-tourism opportunities because the Via Pontica Foundation has taken care to ensure minimal impact of tourism activities on local natural resources.

Along with enjoying the stunning natural beauty, watching birds and animals in their natural habitats and meeting with members of the local community, the nature lovers can raise the awareness of the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic value of biological diversity and its components, its importance for the evolution and maintenance of vital systems in life in the Earth’s biosphere.

Option 1

  • Eco Academy
  • Camping
  • Lake Walk - Shows the richness of the bird and vegetable world of Vaya Lake
  • Treasure Hunt

Option 2

  • Applied Arts and Art Classes
  • Most Interesting Bulgarian Folk Games
  • Honey Adventure - Presentation of an Organic Beekeeping Farm
Vaya Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism Ecopark offers visitors the following:
  • Professional Ornithological Equipment
  • Guides and Expert Assistance
  • Information Center
Terms of booking and prices:
  • Ticket price for a child/student - BGN 5.00
  • Registration Deadline - 5 days before the date of visit
  • Payment - Immediately after the visit by cash or bank transfer