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Rules for Sport Fishing on the Territory of the Ecopark VAYA


I. General conditions:

1. ONLY anglers with appropriate equipment are allowed to fish – cape, cuckoo, perch (not iron) and antibiotic

2. It is the right of every angler to use up to three rods.

3. When fishing, only safe one-hook installations are used.

4. Upon arrival, a mandatory meeting with the management to explain the rules for residence on the territory of Ecopark VAYA.

5. Accommodation in the sectors, unloading of the equipment and parking of the car in the places indicated by the management.

6. Upon leaving the Ecopark, the management, which performs baggage inspection, must be notified.

7. Any fish caught under 1 kg and over 3 kg shall be returned to the dam after treatment with antibiotics.

8. The removal of the fish from the water is mandatory with a cap, regardless of its size. The fish is touched only with wet hands and placed on a soft surface until the hook is removed.

9. In case of catching fish over 6 kg, the management must be notified. It is allowed to put the fish in a swing until the arrival of the management in order to record and keep statistics.

  1. Not allowed:

1. Parking of vehicles outside the designated places.

2. Catch fish by the eyes and gills.

3. Carrying and using weapons.

4. Bathing in the pond.

5. Cutting trees and shrubs.

6. Loud music, loud talking and disturbing the peace of other fishermen.

7. Use of springs (feeders), traps, double and triple hooks, baskets, crates, parachutes, TVs.

8. Transfer the fish, except to the carp swing, with a wet carp mattress.

9. Retaining fish in fish tank, unless purchased.

10. Use of rubber boats for feeding and stretching.

  1. Recommendations for fishermen:

1To keep the receipt until leaving the site.

2. Always wet the cap – transport the fish to the weights with wet carp bags or mattresses.

3. Signal the management if there is a sick or injured fish.

4. Each fisherman notifies the management of an attempt to steal fish and it proves he receives one free trip.

IV. Rights and obligations of staff:

1. The staff of the Ecopark has the right at any time to carry out control in order to comply with the rules. Violators are removed from the park immediately.

2. Before starting to collect luggage, the park staff present at the collection shall be notified. Any fisherman who leaves the ecopark without calling is considered an infringer and will not be allowed to fish.

V. Prices:

1. Daily fishing – BGN 15.

The price includes the use of up to 3 rods.

For members of the Fishermen Association “Burgas Lakes” – BGN 10.

2. Use of radio-controlled boats for power supply and cruising is allowed only to the approved sectors – free of charge.

3. Prices of fish per 1 kg:

– Carp – BGN 6

– Silver carp, Bighead carp, Tench – BGN 3

– Grass carp – BGN 5

The management reserves the right to make changes at any time.

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