Constructive Dialogue between Burgas Municipality and the Tourist Business

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Constructive Dialogue between Burgas Municipality and the Tourist Business

Today, on January 30, a meeting-discussion was held between the representatives of the tour operator’s business and the Municipality of Burgas at the hall of the “Writer’s House”. The event stood out with extremely high attendance and lasted more than two hours.

In her capacity as Deputy Mayor for Culture, Tourism and Sport, Ms. Diana Savateva presented an overview of the long-term vision of Burgas Municipality for the development of the tourism sector.

In addition to representatives of all structures of Burgas Municipality, more than 50 participants discussed the problems of the local tourism industry, as well as potential project proposals for the optimization of tourism products and services.

Expanding communication channels to promote the city and the region, create a common brand, offer hiking and trekking tours, Black Sea cuisine and wine tasting, common routes between natural landmarks throughout the region, which may include the Vaya, Atanasovsko, Mandra lakes, the Poda Ornithological Center and the Strandja Nature Park were among the most constructive proposals around which the attendees united.

The establishment of closer contacts between business and the educational institutions providing staff for tourism was also discussed.

All the proposals presented in the discussion will be considered by the relevant team in the municipal administration.

The representatives of the tourism business will receive a complete sport and cultural program of the Municipality of Burgas with an attractive vision, which can be offered as a standalone product or part of a package offer.

The project coordinator for the Via Pontica Foundation and the manager of the Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism Vaya also shared their readiness for partnership and interactive approach in positioning Burgas as a destination, both in the domestic and foreign tourism market.

With the final open and a specific next date, the dialogue between stakeholders will continue on March 5.

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