Students Held a “Green” Lesson in the “Vaya” Ecopark

The students of the 3D class from “Bratya Miladinovi” Elementary School, Burgas, visited the “Vaya” Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism and held a “green” outdoor lesson on the topic “Guide in Time”. The lesson was extremely interesting, with a varied program in which the students took part with great enthusiasm.

The beginning of the lesson was set with a musical performance by the children, which further strengthened the good mood for the beginning of the lesson. In the mini-musical “Romeo and Juliet”, the children took on the role of the thorn-tailed duck Juliet and the curly-headed pelican Romeo and told with great artistry their love story that took place on Lake Vaia.

The children also showed enviable skills and knowledge in a scouting competition, and then embarked on a treasure hunt in the role of Indiana Jones and were surprised to find the most valuable treasure – knowledge. This provoked the discoverers to decipher a coded message to them as well, using their knowledge of Glagolitic and Cyrillic.

An interesting moment of the “green” lesson was making a fossil of a seashell, using plasticine and clay.


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