The Great White Pelican, That Was Shot by Poachers, Flew

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The Great White Pelican, That Was Shot by Poachers, Flew

Today, more than 40 birds – Greater White-fronted Geese, Mallard Ducks and one Great White Pelican were placed in the Wildlife Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism “Vaya”, located 15 km away from Bourgas. The birds have been injured in poaching. They were healed in the Wildlife Rescue Center in Stara Zagora and now, with the assistance of the Via Pontica Foundation, they were flying again.

“We chose to let the birds here because this reserve is a unique place, from here the Via Pontica migratory road passes and there is a huge number of birds throughout the year,” said Dr. Rusko Petrov, Operations Manager of the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Green Balkans. Our rehabilitated patients, which were tagged, very quickly mingled with the Wild Residents of the Reserve.

Ana Yancheva is the manager of Eco Park, which works together with Green Balkans and the clinic in Stara Zagora, where treated animals are treated. The eco-park helps the birds after their healing and gives them the opportunity to adapt to their natural environment.

The Great White Pelican, about one year old, was shot with several shots, one of which seriously damaged the bird’s leg. In addition to it, Greater White-fronted Geese and Mallard Ducks are recovered and were also put into the waters of Lake Vaya. Their wings were pruned by poachers. Now, they are powered and within a few days is expected to have an improvement in their condition.

Ana Yancheva explains: “If there are sanctions, the poachers will not afford to hurt the animals. But there is another problem. This is ignorance of the species. Our task is to show them more often and people to have the knowledge that it is a protected species and should not hurt it. Many animals have suffered because of misunderstanding. ”

Hristina Klisurova from Green Balkans is one of the people who took care of the shot Great White Pelican. She is pleased that it is already at large and recalls how severe the condition of the bird was in the beginning. She said, “The bird was almost helpless. After the review, it was decided that the broken wing would remain at rest. The balls were not taken out because it would be more dangerous for the bird. The pellet with which the pelican was hit in the abdomen is also localized. So, after a month of recovery and treatment, the pelican is free. ”

This event ended happily, but what is the future of the birds that winter or live all year round in the water basins near Burgas? It turns out that it depends to a great extent on every person who touches wildlife.